Post-Covid Skepticism Spearheading New Healthcare Solutions

Sign up right now to subscribe DONATE TO GET THIS VIDEO SEEN BY THOUSANDS I had the pleasure to meet – in person – a true modern hero of mine, Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, and his wife.Not only is Dr. Risch a proud Israel supporting Jew, he is also one of the few voices […]

Covid Has Spearheaded a Spiritual Revolution

Be the first to know about new episodes Yes, it is true. Maybe you are part of this spiritual revolution and you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, do not miss hearing and understanding about this spiritual revolution that is taking place all around us, and then join us in spreading the light! […]

The Political Backlash Against Covid Vaccines Has Begun

Be the first to know about new episodes Politicians around the world are beginning to apologize to the unvaccinated and demand the re-employment of unvaccinated employees forced to quit their jobs. Join me as I share with you this positive development and dig even deeper. Recommended Videos For You Sign up right now to subscribe

Australia is Working on the Covid “Super-Jab” – Are 4 Jabs Not Enough?

Be the first to know about new episodes Australia is experiencing record numbers of covid sick and deaths, after implementing one of the most extreme vaccine mandates and lockdown policies. Now, they are working on a covid “super-jab”. Once again, I’m voicing some common sense thoughts and questions regarding our reality that just does not […]

Florida Doctor Discovered Successful Covid-19 Treatment that Also Stops Variants

Be the first to know about new episodes I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Dr. David Moskowitz who discovered another successful treatment. The information he exposes is fascinating. Dr. Moskowitz is a General practitioner and the CEO/Chief Medical Officer of a biotech company called GenoMed, Pulse of Israel is changing the conversation. Help educate the […]

20,000 Israeli Vehicles Join The Global Freedom Truckers Convoy to Jerusalem

Be the first to know about new episodes  Canadian PM Trudeau and the Canadian government are a HUGE problem for all of us, not just for Canadians.Freezing bank accounts, arresting protestors for “unacceptable views” and threatening to kill pets of truck drivers. These are just some of the disturbing acts of the Canadian government today, […]

Canada Truckers, Mass Protests & Government Delegitimization Campaigns

Be the first to know about new episodes I don’t know how close you are following the Canadian truckers’ freedom convoy, but my experience from mass civilian protests in Israel against the Oslo “peace” plan in 1993 and the Gaza “disengagement” plan in 2005 gives me a unique perspective. Pulse of Israel is changing the […]