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I had the pleasure to meet – in person – a true modern hero of mine, Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, and his wife.
Not only is Dr. Risch a proud Israel supporting Jew, he is also one of the few voices of sanity, from the beginning, regarding covid.
I will never forget Dr. Risch’s Senate testimony back in November 2020 when he stated that ‘even if a successful vaccine is developed, people will still get sick from the virus and hence the need for medical treatments besides the vaccine. He then expressed bewilderment that the government was not investing in proven medical treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin medications, two of the safest drugs on the market.
Why is Dr. Risch a hero of mine? Because he consistently voiced the politically incorrect truth, despite the tremendous pressure to censor, cancel and delegitimize all who voiced the common sense, data-driven, scientific knowledge-based information, that went against the FDA/CDC/government/medical-establishment narrative.
After interviewing Dr. Risch a number of times via zoom, it was a true pleasure to meet him and his wife in person. They are both true gems of individuals. I’m blessed to know them and call them my friends.

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