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As Israel today has a very proudly Jewish and nationalist government, the establishment media is working overtime to make this government, and Israel, look bad. 

It’s time that people have the opportunity to be inspired with the politically incorrect truth about the State of Israel today.
In order to help you better understand our reality and current event issues in Israel, Avi Abelow, from the Pulse of Israel, is now offering a selection of speaking engagements that you can book for your community or organization to understand the politically incorrect truth being ignored by the media. 

Events can be offered by zoom or in person.
Contact avi@12tribefilms.org for more details to book a speaking engagement. 

Selection of Talks

Check out our speaking topics.

Talk #1 Israelis are more united today than you are being told

Talk #2: Why the Critical Need to Change the Law of Return?

Talk #3: The truth about the proposed Judicial Reform that will Strengthen Israeli Democracy not Weaken it

Talk #4: Why the Growth of Antisemitism Today?

Talk #5: Why the Two-State Solution Has Always Been Doomed to Failure

Talk #6: Unmasking Palestine – Understanding its true purpose

Talk #7: Why is Israel’s New Right-Wing government good for Israel, America, American Jewry and the World

Talk #8: What’s the Solution with Gaza? 

(Talk with a movie screening of Avi Abelow’s movie Home Game about the last Jewish youth basketball tournament in the Gaza Strip during the 2005 Disengagement)

Talk #9: The importance of living in Judea & Samaria to achieve peace

Talk #10: What Apartheid? Israeli Arab Muslims are the most blessed Arab Muslims in the Middle East

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