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With the sheer volume of anti-Israel propaganda and sensationalist anti-semitism online, people around the world are seeking the politically incorrect truth about the State of Israel and the Jewish people today.

Since October 7th, Avi has been invited more than ever to bring the truth and clarity of the Pulse of Israel to communities – in person.

Contact us today to find out when Avi can be in your city, synagogue or school, or to arrange a private Zoom briefing event.

Selection of Talks

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Sample Talks:

● 135+ Days of the Gaza War
From The Point of View of a Reservist IDF Soldier

● The Day After the War
Why the Two-State Solution Has Always Been Doomed to Failure

● Rising Antisemitism

Supporting American Jews and Students Amid the Current Crisis

● Gaza: What’s the Solution?
Option to screen “Home Game,” Avi Abelow’s movie about the last Jewish youth basketball tournament in the Gaza Strip during the 2005 Disengagement

● An Intimate Conversation with an Israeli Settler
The importance of living in Judea and Samaria to achieve peace

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