Free Speech is Under Attack But We Can Save It

DONATE TO GET THIS VIDEO SEEN BY THOUSANDS It is very hard to believe that we are in the year 2023 and free speech is under attack, not in communist countries, but in free Western democracies!   I’m not referring to censorship by social media companies, I’m referring to actions by the governments of New […]

Ukraine/Russia War, Canada and the Fall of the Liberal International Order

Be the first to know about new episodes [give_form id=”4430″] This is a huge, eye-opening interview with a perspective on our world today not heard at all. How many people are talking about how the war between Ukraine and Russia is connected to what is happening in Canada which is all connected to all of […]

20,000 Israeli Vehicles Join The Global Freedom Truckers Convoy to Jerusalem

Be the first to know about new episodes [give_form id=”4430″]  Canadian PM Trudeau and the Canadian government are a HUGE problem for all of us, not just for Canadians.Freezing bank accounts, arresting protestors for “unacceptable views” and threatening to kill pets of truck drivers. These are just some of the disturbing acts of the Canadian […]