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We are on the frontline of the media war for Israel! One of the few providing the unapologetic truth and hope.
We do not focus on playing defense, fighting the daily lies, but by being on the offense, spreading the inspiring truth about Israel & the Jewish people ignored by establishment media and University courses!
Like what? Like the modern Jewish state of Israel being the third time us Jews are sovereign in our ancestral homeland! Like the fact that the palestinian national identity was created in order to destroy Israel, like calling out our enemies for what they are, naz*is, or as I like to call them Islamonaz*is, as well as explaining the proper way to beat them and provide a bright future for all who choose to live in peace with us.
You can help us with our important work so that more people hear these important messages in fighting the media war for Israel.
Join us in being a warrior for Israel, on the offense, not just fighting the lies.
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