Part 2: Russia/Ukraine Mess: Did Presidents Trump & John F. Kennedy Warn Us?

Be the first to know about new episodes Many things about this war do not add up.   Interestingly, former Presidents Trump, JFK and Reagan all potentially warned us about what we are experiencing today. I could be wrong. But there is no reason that I can’t voice my opinion. Pulse of Israel is changing […]

This Russia/Ukraine/NATO/US War Does Not Make Sense

Be the first to know about new episodes In this video, I raise a number of questions that do not make sense. Including the surprising manipulation of the holocaust by both sides in their information/disinformation war and more. Pulse of Israel is changing the conversation. Help educate the world! Be the first to know about […]

Ukraine/Russia War, Canada and the Fall of the Liberal International Order

Be the first to know about new episodes This is a huge, eye-opening interview with a perspective on our world today not heard at all. How many people are talking about how the war between Ukraine and Russia is connected to what is happening in Canada which is all connected to all of our lives?Speaking […]

Ukraine/Russia War: Fake News Everywhere

Be the first to know about new episodes The amount of fake news in the media and social media is enormous.  Everyone who cares about Israel knows that the media constantly lies about Israel, but this is also happening now with the Ukraine/Russia war. They are even using footage from conflicts in Israel! A war is taking […]

War Between Russia/Ukraine and the Diplomatic Challenge for Israel

Be the first to know about new episodes First of all, our hearts go out to all the innocent civilians whose lives have been affected by this recent Russia invasion of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the media is not reporting to us the true story of what is going on. Just like we can’t trust the media coverage on […]

The Historic Russia/Ukraine Crisis & the Jews

Be the first to know about new episodes Taking a step back from the macro dangers of the situation, as a Jew, wars between countries are never good for us. Speaking with Professor of History Larry Domnitch, who authored a book I recently read, titled “The Impact of World War One on the Jewish People.”  […]