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The battle for peace in the State of Israel and the Middle East as a whole is not a short-term battle that can be achieved via shortcuts.  Every quick fix has led to increased terrorism.  But over the last few decades, Israel has succeeded in reaching a stage of signing peace treaties with some of its most intractable enemies.  

Egypt fought five wars against Israel before coming to the negotiating table.  Things are not wonderful between Egypt and Israel, but at least there has not been any outright war between Egypt and Israel since the peace treaty signing in 1979.  Jordan fought several wars against Israel, but has since signed a treaty with Israel.  Israel’s central border, it’s largest, has been relatively calm for more than a decade.  The Abraham Accords were yet another giant step forward in the right direction.  

But the future of Israel’s relations with its neighbors may be even brighter following Israel’s successful battle against Iran’s proxies, Hamas and Hizbullah.  However, Israel should never be rushed and forced into a treaty that weakens her resolve.  Haste makes waste.  When countries realize that Israel is here to stay and is indeed a leader of the free world on so many levels, they will come around.  The future of Israel is very bright!  

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