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We began the week with the sadness of having buried two little brothers, aged 6 and 8, as well as a recently-married 20 year old, all murdered in a car-ramming terror attack right before the Shabbat. How did we start Shabbat singing and dancing with happiness, knowing the profound sadness of the terror attack? How do we grapple with the fact that so many of our own brethren were out protesting changes to the judicial system at the exact time of the funeral after Shabbat for the 8 year old? More and more senseless deaths enabled by absolute immorality of some from within that same justice system that continuously show mercy to our evil enemies in using legal means to stop the state of Israel from properly punishing and deterring our enemies from killing us more. How do we go on in this reality?
Do not miss this very special talk with Rabbi Shlomo Katz following Parshat Yitro.

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