In response to the much-needed judicial reform proposed by our new proudly Jewish, nationalist government the Jewish/Israel left is going crazy. Gantz and Lapid are on the one hand calling for civil unrest in Israel, to stop the “destruction of democracy”, yet they are blaming Netanyahu for causing a “civil war”. You seriously can’t make up a bigger absurdity in Israel today.
Don’t worry, there will be no civil war in Israel. Civil war needs two sides. While the leaders of the left, with their partners in the media, create this impression, it is false. The Jewish people in Israel are one, even with the many disagreements among family/friends/neighbors. The radicals of the left are a tiny number with great pr. But, in reality, there is only one side in Israel, with an inciting, dangerous, unhinged leftist side-show, but no two sides for a civil war.
Do not miss hearing me debunk this latest fear tactic of the left.

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