Reclaiming Woman Power in Our Progressive Western World

Be the first to know about new episodes Amazing, amazing, amazing conversation with Gila Sandhaus Jedwab about the divinity of women.Wow, such depth, such insight, such great relationship & marriage advice, all based on understanding the special divine powers of women and men.You do not want to miss this fabulous program when it comes out. […]

Women are Heavenly and Under-Appreciated in Western Society

Be the first to know about new episodes Pulse of Israel is changing the conversation. Help educate the world! This topic is so very important. Bottom line, women are the closest thing to the almighty on earth, and, unfortunately, not truly appreciated as they should be by modern Western society. Be the first to know […]

Women are the Closest Thing to G-d Almighty on Earth

Be the first to know about new episodes DONATE TO GET THIS VIDEO SEEN BY THOUSANDS Modern society does not respect or appreciate the unique strengths and powers that women bring to the world. The modern movement to erase the differences between men and women does huge damage to society and is actually an insult to […]