US Golden Handcuffs on Israel at War

Sign up right now to subscribe DONATE TO GET THIS VIDEO SEEN BY THOUSANDS Join me as I do a deep dive into understanding the painful reality of US aid to Israel that hardly gets talked about. The US gives out aid packages to countries all over the world, Israel included. That aid comes with many, […]

The Voice of the Jewish World for Over 40 Years – Nachum Segal

Be the first to know about new episodes [give_form id=”4430″] What a pleasure to be speaking with Nachum Segal, the voice of the Jewish world with over 40 years of broadcasting.Nachum’s studio was just burnt down in an electrical fire. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the whole studio was destroyed.Even with that destruction, thanks to […]

Beware! US City Council Votes to Support “Palestine”

Be the first to know about new episodes [give_form id=”4430″] The city council of Paterson, New Jersey just voted to name a main street “palestine way”.Find out why this is not only totally absurd, wrong, and a perversion of justice, but a dangerous precedent for other US cities. Pulse of Israel is changing the conversation. […]