He Warned Rabin & Sharon Against Appeasing Our Terrorist Enemies

Be the first to know about new episodes Meet Clément Soffer, an Egyptian born Jew living in the USA, who was present in private meetings with former Israeli Prime Ministers. Do not miss Clément’s heartfelt plea to the Muslim world at the end. Recommended Videos For You Sign up right now to subscribe

Hamas Rockets Turned Into Chanukah Light

Be the first to know about new episodes This is an only-in-Israel moment that you do not want to miss. Also, please don’t be satisfied with this video, come visit and see this special place in person, to truly internalize the unbelievable spirit of the Jewish people today. No better place in modern Israel symbolizes […]

Chanukah is the Victory of the Jewish Spirit Against Assimilation

Be the first to know about new episodes In other words, Chanukah is not just about a miraculous military victory over the mighty Greek Empire, but even more so, it is a victory of the Jewish spirit over the massive pressure to assimilate into Greek culture, and the pressure was massive.The question arises, why is […]