Post-Election Analysis Focusing on the Silent War Going On

Be the first to know about new episodes  It is always a pleasure speaking with former Knesset Member, Moshe Feiglin, to hear his insight into Israeli politics. Upon asking Moshe for his post-election analysis, Moshe explained that while we can all breathe a sigh of relief from the danger that was averted, we still do […]

Reaction to Israeli Elections Expose the Dangerous Impact of Progressivism ond World Jewry

Be the first to know about new episodes “Outrage”, “Sanctions on Israel”, “Ben-Gvir and Netanyahu will destroy Israel as we know it” and other fear-mongering headlines have been appearing in the Jewish and Israeli media ever since the election results were tallied. How come there is such a difference between the will of the Jewish population […]

Counting our Blessings Despite the Headlines

Be the first to know about new episodes There is always what to complain about, always issues that we have to highlight in order to wake people up and improve our situation. However, we must always focus on counting our blessings, and the Jewish state of Israel today is a huge, huge blessing. Do not […]

Why Should Israelis Vote for Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party?

Be the first to know about new episodes Speaking with Likud Mayor Oded Revivi about why people should be voting for Likud and Binyamin Netanyahu. I personally know a number of right-wing supporters of Netanyahu who are considering voting for either Lapid or Gantz, who both support left-wing policies. I asked Mayor Revivi the tough […]

Israel Going to Elections Again? Breakdown and Analysis

Be the first to know about new episodes Israel’s current government, of right, left, center, anti-Jewish state/Israel and Muslim Brotherhood parties has just fallen. Find out why, with a full analysis and breakdown of what is to come. Recommended Videos For You Sign up right now to subscribe