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Thank you Hashem!
The IDF rescued 4 captives today in Gaza, including Noa Argamani, in the attached video.
All 4 of these hostages were being held in Gaza non-combatant homes.
Let that sink in. There are no innocent civilians in Gaza! They are all evil Islamonaz*is.
On the political front, the Biden administration had planned for Benny Gantz to leave the government tonight in its plan to topple the government in the middle of this war.
Did to this successsful rescue attempt, those plans were foiled. Instead his planned resignation announcement turned into a rescue hostage announced hinting to Netanyahu that they can still leave. But, thankfully, those plans for now have been stopped, so we still have the political unity which helps to continue this war that still hasn’t even begun up North to save Northern Israel.
Next to the video of Noa’s abduction on Oct. 7th, there is also footage from Noa meeting her father after her rescue. Thankfully, her sick mother can finally see her as well! B”H!!!
120 more hostages to rescue. Let’s do this!!!

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