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The other day, I met this sweet family on the streets of Jerusalem, the Fogelsons, as I was videoing one of my Pulse of Israel videos. Talking about Israel, living in Israel, Efrat, and I mentioned how blessed we are to be living in a generation that I keep a towel in my office, so that on any given day I can decide to take a mincha break on the Temple Mount and jump into a local mikvah, ritual bath, near my office before I go up to our holiest site! From there, this family told me that they would love to join me for this holy visit! And then we made it happen! The ascension to our Holy Temple Mount today was a double blessing…

Blessing #1: Going up to the holiest site of the Jewish people. It’s been too long since my last visit. Blessing #2: Having the opportunity to guide a family going up to the Temple Mount for their first visit ever! Most Jews who visit Israel don’t even realize that praying at the Western Wall is not holy. The Western Wall is just the retaining wall of the holy Temple Mount above. Instead of settling for the Western wall, they can go up to the actual holy place! Misconception #1: It’s forbidden. WRONG. Some Rabbis say that because they are unfamiliar with the actual laws and topography of the Temple Mount.

Misconception #2: It belongs to the Muslims. Really? King Solomon built our first Temple around the year 1,200 BCE, close to 1,900 years before Islam was created by Muhammad. Don’t let anyone say the lie that the Temple Mount doesn’t belong to the Jewish people! Misconception #3: It’s a “provocation” for Jews to visit our holiest site the Temple Mount. No. No more appeasing the intolerance and violence of the Muslims. Don’t even entertain the lie of “don’t provoke the Muslims”. Nobody should be scared into doing the right thing or being themselves because of the intolerance and violence of the Muslims. Never appease a bully!

If nothing else, Oct. 7th should have woken up every Jew to finally internalize that the Muslims do not need a “provocation” to kill us. Please, help other people stop thinking like this. Appeasing their intolerance and violence only empowers them and makes our situation worse. The time has come for all of humanity to live their values and their identity proudly, and no longer appease the Muslims. That is the only way to end their violence, and this is a lesson we all learn in kindergarten!

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

How liberal Westerners are ok with the blatant religious discrimination against Jews on our holiest site is beyond me. Be part of the change! Join me in going up for a holy visit

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