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Today is Israel Memorial Day when we remember all the Israelis murdered in terror attacks and killed in battle defending our country over the past 76 years.
We have too many people to visit in our local cemetery on Israel Memorial Day…my friend Ari Fuld hy”d murdered in a terror attack back in 2018, the wife and daughters of my friend Leo Dee – Lucy, Rina and Mia Dee Hy”d brutally executed in a terror attack last Passover, our friend’s son Roe’e Weiser hy”d killed in battle on Oct. 7th, our son’s friend and neighbor Elkana Nuelander hy”d killed in battle in Gaza, and son’s beloved high school teacher Yaakov Don hy”d murdered in a terror attack back in 2015.
We remember them all, we keep their memories alive, we ensure their surviving family members that they are never alone, we pray to the heavens above that they all do their holy work to fight for us in the heavens, and we, remaining down here on earth, move forward in ushering in the geulah/redemptive lives we are living in.
Am Yisrael Chai!!!

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