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As the jew-hating, anti-Israel, antisemitism grows day to day on US college campuses, our youth and College Students have no clue what in the world is going on. They are like deers caught in headlights. One day they were able to attend classes like normal students and the next day their University administrations were supporting efforts to discriminate against them and stop them from walking on their campuses!
The 4 points I provide in today’s Pulse of Israel episode are such critical pieces of information that the Jewish organizational, and educational world, has neglected to provide our youth. We, at the Pulse of Israel are doing exactly what the Jewish organizational/educational world has failed to do.
Support our efforts to provide the necessary information and tools to our youth to stand up for themselves in the face of this growing Jew-hatred, that will only be getting worse. Help us create a new generation of Pulse of Israel warriors.

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