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Columbia University has fallen, together with other Ivy League and other non Ivy-League Universities. Jew-hating anarchists have taken over the campus, and the University administration has announced that all their students will now learn via zoom instead of ending the blatant takeover of the campus by jew-hating, pro-Hamas, pro-genocide protestors.
This did not happen overnight. This is a process that has happened over time.
For years, I have been speaking about how our youth and college students are not given the tools or the proper information by the Jewish world and even Jewish educational institutions to understand where the growing Jew-hatred is coming from, and how to deal with it.
We have that information and we want to reach as many youth and college students as possible. If you can help us make this happen, let us know. The more money we can raise towards this goal, the more youth we will be able to save from this tsunami of Jew-hatred in the name of “palestine” that is really only just beginning. 

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