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Another terror attack this morning, another dead Jew :(((

It’s not about “occupation”. It’s not about “apartheid”. It’s not about “oppression”. It’s about a genocidal culture that rewards murdering Jews!

It is 30 years too late for the Israeli government to do the one thing that will allow us to finally end the genocidal war against us, designate the Palestinian Authority an enemy ASAP!

That’s it.

Right now, the establishment treats the Palestinian Authority like a potential partner, giving it money, allowing its leaders to incite to kill us and to support terrorists.

It is impossible for Israel to end the terror war against us by using the IDF to go after individual terrorists! The PA must be declared an enemy ASAP!!!

We will overcome this evil, it is just so painful that we are at fault for the continuation of this evil terror war against us because we allow a genocidal fake people called “palestinians” to continue to be recognized as a legit people, with a legit leadership.

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