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So blessed that people who I once admired I can now call friends.
Edwin Black is a legendary investigative journalist who today runs The Edwin Black Show. I have had great respect for Edwin ever since I read his groundbreaking book “IBM and the Holocaust”, that detailed the vast support American businesses, like IBM, literally helped the Nazis murder 6 million Jews.
Edwin continues to be a voice of clarity and reason dissecting current events with a deep appreciation for history and the historical context.
You do not want to miss this Pulse of Israel interview. We touch upon so many issues impacting our lives today, including the European and Biden administration support for the Jew-hating agenda of the Palestinian Authority, the literal self-destructive insanity of the protest movement in Israel today and the trajectory of the Jew-hating wing of the Democrat party in the US.
Like I said, you do not want to miss this interview!

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