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What we are witnessing in Israel today is a coup. Not a protest movement against judicial reform, but a well-formulated coup that has been planned for years. A coup that Israel’s elites are literally willing to destroy Israel in order to succeed in bringing down Netanyahu and his government. 
This is not Avi Abelow talking, this is the leaders of Israel’s elites talking. Just watch today’s videos.
Again, do not be depressed. They will fail, and we will come out of this period stronger and more united, because the Jewish people never have followed elites and we never will follow elites. We are a people connected to the one above through our daily traditions and lives of faith. While the elites think they are winning, they are forgetting thousands of years of Jewish history. 
Stick with me for the inspiring, politically incorrect analysis that the establishment Jewish-Israel media and leadership are not telling us.

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