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As the headlines in Israel and the Jewish world are filled with articles about how high-ranking Israeli soldiers, and pilots, are threatening to stop serving in the IDF, one Israeli Airforce pilot is speaking the truth and calling out their bluff, with facts.

The absurd thing is that all the high ranking officers and pilots who are threatening to stop serving in the IDF, if the judicial reform is not stopped, are blaming the government for “destroying the IDF”. It’s like someone coming at you to punch you telling you that you are going to get hurt, and it will be your fault, unless you stop doing whatever you are doing.

They are the ones destroying the army, yet blaming the government.

Like I said, absurd.

Yet, the media parrots that line because it suits their anti-government narrative as well.

Regardless, the truth is that the Israeli army is much stronger than those soldiers and pilots threatening to serve.

The IDF, and Israel, will survive this anti-democratic and destructive protest movement. What has become clear to many, though, is how fragile the loyalty is of the tiny elite secular strata of Israeli society to the Jewish state of Israel. But, again, they are a tiny minority, and we will overcome this hiccup in Jewish history stronger and more united.

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