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Yisrael & Nechama are modern King Davids, standing up as proud Jews, protecting the Jewish people and the land of Israel, just by how they are living their lives. You do not want to miss being inspired by their story. 

Unfortunately, Yisrael was recently ambushed, attacked and left for dead by a group Arab Muslims over Shabbat. 

Please help Yisrael & Nechama while Yisrael is in the hospital. Yisrael & Nechama are proud Jewish Shepards in the Southern Hills of Hevron.

Yisrael is now laying in the hospital with a fractured skull, damaged hearing and with limited mobility in parts of his face.

He will be incapacitated for months. They need assistance with hospital fees and support while Israel is unable to work with their flock and provide for his family.

Please donate below. Thank you.

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