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Jews were once forced to live in totally segregated communities in many places in Europe. Sometimes, their ghetto areas were literally locked behind bars at night so that they were not able to leave their segregated areas. Venice, Italy was one of those ghettos.
The Jewish Ghetto in Venice was instituted on March 29th, 1516 by decree of the leader of the Venetian Senate Doge Leonardo Loredan. In 1797, General Napoleon Bonaparte, occupied Venice and ended the ghetto’s separation from the city, allowing Jews to be able to live freely in the city.
This was my second time visiting Venice, Italy. The first time was just with my wife a number of years ago. This time my wife and I took our boys as well to enjoy a little family getaway in this special place with a unique Jewish history.
Now, you get to enjoy the Jewish Ghetto in Venice for yourselves as well. 
To enjoy a personal tour of Jewish Italy, including Venice, contact Moshe Basali: or follow him on Instagram: @Jewish_Italy

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