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How many leaders are spreading critical messages with the politically incorrect truth like we are?

With the end of the tax year upon us, I ask you to please open up your hearts and wallets to partner with us at the Pulse of Israel as much as you can to ensure we can continue to spread these important messages to as many people as possible.
As Steve from LA said it best. 
“Among all social media influencers, you provide the highest quality, most impactful, most inspiring, and most unifying advocacy that unites the Jewish people to build a strong Jewish Israel. So well done. Thank you.”
With 2022 coming to an end, the need for people to have access to the politically incorrect truth about everything going on in the world grows day by day. 
The Pulse of Israel is the only outlet voicing the political incorrect truth about Israel, the Jewish people & the freedom-loving world, tying it all together and inspiring people with messages that nobody else is promoting.
We are the only voice that tries to inspire people with the truth despite the disappointing, and sometimes confusing, headline news that we are bombarded with each and every day. 
Please take advantage of the end of tax year to donate towards our work so that we can promote our videos to reach even more people and inspire them with the politically incorrect truth. 
Every donation is welcome, whether big or small.
We are now opening up the possibility to sponsor our videos as well.
Video sponsorships are as follows:
Single video: $50
Week of videos: $300
Month of videos: $1,000
Anything you give is very much appreciated. It takes a lot of time and resources to do all the work we do to provide you with the inspiring politically incorrect truth from our indigenous homeland. 
Big tech is constantly taking us down, and hurting our reach and bottom line. It is thanks to donations from our listeners that we can do this important work.

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