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The Jewish people around the world have just begun the holiest time period of the Jewish year, preparing for the High Holy days.
This is the time period that we want to grow that much closer to the one above and ask him for forgiveness for all of our human frailties and mistakes. It is a also a time period with a focus on great charity.
In the spirit the High Holy days and the importance of charity, I want to please ask you to open up your hearts and wallets to partner with us at the Pulse of Israel as much as you can.
Why? Well Steve from LA said it best. 
“Among all social media influencers, you provide the highest quality, most impactful, most inspiring, and most unifying advocacy that unites the Jewish people to build a strong Jewish Israel. So well done. Thank you.”
We receive amazing feedback from you everyday, with people so appreciative of the unique voice we provide at the Pulse of Israel. But Steve’s note hit the nail on the head. 

And that is why we need all of your support. We can’t do this work without your support.

Anything you give is very much appreciated. It takes a lot of time and resources to do all the work we do to provide you with the inspiring politically incorrect truth from our indigenous homeland. 
Big tech is constantly taking us down, and hurting our reach and bottom line. It is thanks to donations from our listeners that we can do this important work.
Monthly donations are best, but even periodic one time donations are very much appreciated. 
The one above is quite clear that the recipe for repentance during these High Holy days includes three critical components:
Teshuva, Tefila and Tzedakah
1.  Teshuva is Repentence itself, to ask for forgiveness. While we must ask G-d for forgiveness for the sins we did against him. Even more importantly, we must ask for forgiveness from all the people we have wronged during the year as well.
2. Prayer – it doesn’t matter whether this is the prayer from the prayer books, or your own prayer, in your own words, said in the middle of the day, every day. The important thing is to talk to G-d. Pour your heart out and strengthen your relationship with him. He doesn’t need it. You need it.
And finally,
3. Charity. Yes, charity. Open up your heart and your wallet and give generously to important causes. We receive in life based on our giving! Hence the more we give, we more we will receive in life.
Remember, your money is not your money. Your money really belongs to the one above. He decides how much money each of us would have. And just as easily as we can have our money, we can also lose it. So, remember, the money you  have is not yours. It’s his, just lending it to us to use as best as possible. And the best way to show appreciation for whatever money we do have is by being generous in giving charity to important causes.
So, in the spirit of charity and the High Holy days, I please ask you to open up your hearts and wallets to partner with us at the Pulse of Israel.
Everyone here at the Pulse of Israel and the 12Tribe Films Foundation wishes each and every one of you a sweet new Jewish year.
Shana Tova U’metuka!!!

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