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Do not listen to the security “experts.”  It was their expertise that created the Gaza terror problem that has become a greater danger with each day. There is a solution to ending the terror in Gaza. One solution. And this is it.

Too many people think there is no solution to ending the Arab terror from Gaza. Too many people think that it is immoral for Israel to use too much force against the terrorists from Gaza to stop the rocket attacks that endanger all Israelis. These are the same people who supported the total capitulation to the Arab Muslim terrorists in Gaza back in 2005, that forcefully expelled 10,000 innocent Jews from their homes while destroying 21 Jewish communities, with the biggest percentage of agricultural exports from all of Israel.

Plenty of people – like me – protested against the immoral 2005 Gaza pullout and warned that it would lead to a more dangerous reality. But we were labeled as “crazy” fearmongers.

This is just another example of how the Western liberal mindset “thinks morally” yet supports immoral policies.

Well, I had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Sherman, founder of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, who recently wrote about this exact issue. You do not want to miss it.

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