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Not only has Kamala Harris not called out the evil of these movements, she is not even telling them to stop! She is telling them to continue with their anarchist violent behavior that is destroying US cities and actually killing people!

But isn’t Kamala Harris supposed to be the former Attorney General who was tough on criminals?  How could she end up seemingly taking the side of criminals?  Well, that is the key point here.  The Democratic party has made a massive policy shift in the last few years.  The formerly liberal party is now a leftist dominated party with a strong radical element that has amassed an enormous amount of sway over it’s leadership.  The few members of the Squad, and a few other Democratic voices in Congress have no problem blaming the United States when terrorists attack the United States.  They don’t see the Trump administrations takeout of an Iranian General as a positive step in the fight against worldwide terrorism.  They have adopted the line of political correctness that refuses to label radical Islam as the enemy.  They refuse to make a crystal clear separation between protesters and rioters.  The radical voices are no longer a fringe – they are on the Presidential ticket.  Kamala Harris may not possess the radical ideas of the fringe left, but she has adopted them as her political stance in order to toe the line of the constituency she needs to win the election.  

Practically, this means that she is willing to let major American cities with tens of millions of people suffer – all so that she will get elected.  She knows that law and order are the basis of any country’s survival.  But she, along with anybody else who does not take a strong stance against the rioters is complicit in the destruction of stores and neighborhoods across America.    

Americans, wake up. This is beyond sick. This is wrong on so many levels, and America is in big danger if Biden/Harris get elected.


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