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Avi Abelow argues that there is a simple solution for Gaza.  His argument is based on one basic concept.  Israel must rid the Gaza area of any hope of destruction of the State of Israel.  In order to accomplish this, he argues that Israel must demilitarize the Gaza Strip.  This is as simple as the Kennedy Administration’s clear determination to demilitarize Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the early 60’s.

Well, not really.  Cuba was further away from Florida than Gaza is from Israeli towns.  So, actually, Cuba posed less of a threat to the United States than does a militarized Gaza.  But the concept is indeed the same.

No sovereign nation can allow a hostile country on its border to arm itself to the teeth in order to destroy it’s sworn enemy across the border.  Israel foolishly created this situation in the Gaza Strip back in 2005 and has paid the price heavily in lives.  Thousands of missiles have been shot towards Israeli towns and cities in proximity to the Gaza Strip. 

All of this was due to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s decision to forcefully remove all of the Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip. 8,000+ Jewish people were kicked out of their homes in order to make way for what became a terror launching pad against the State of Israel.  This was the low point for Ariel Sharon, a legendary war hero from Israel’s past wars.  

Israel must learn from its mistakes and plan ahead for a brighter future in Gaza.  The sooner it chooses to demilitarize Gaza, the less costly the struggle will be for Israel to have a peaceful, workable border on its southwest side.  

Doomsday columnists claim it would cost thousands of Israeli lives.  But odds are that it would be much less costly than that if properly carried out.  The issue is that the alternative of keeping things the same as they are today means that the Arab buildup will be even greater.  That would translate to an even more costly battle in the future.  Israel needs to retake Gaza in order to demilitarize it.  Then, it needs to encourage Arab immigration out of Gaza with financial incentives. 

That is the solution – the only workable solution that will create lasting calm.   

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