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Are the protests in Israel and the United States related?  Caroline Glick claims that there is actually a lot more here that is well orchestrated and planned than we may think.  The timing especially always seems to be around 6 months before a major election in order to make an impact on the minds of voters.  Caroline even takes it up a level and notes that many of the major media companies are even all seemingly reading from similar scripts.  She notes that former senior Obama administration officials all seem to have the same talking points – this is no mere coincidence.  Moreover, many of the rioters – not the protesters – seem to be paid – again, not spontaneous.  Not only are the looters being given an incentive, but they are being choreographed to work together all across the United States.  The line needs to be made clear.  Protests are perfectly fine and even wonderful.  Rioting, looting, and destroying doors is horrible, illegal, and poses an existential threat.  This simply cannot go on.  

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