The Six Day War is not studied in all Military Colleges.  It has been labeled a miracle by many, and that cannot be studied.  

What was it about the War that was so miraculous?  Of course, the difference in weaponry and soldiers were weighted strongly against the young State of Israel.  But it is much more than that.  There was also a spiritual advantage that seemed weighted against the State of Israel. 

Here are some facts that are often overlooked.  The State of Israel was just 19 years old.  In the War of Independence, Israel did not win every battle, but won the war and survived more than a year of strife and battles.  By mid 1949, the State of Israel was a poor country with a weak Army, but it had outlasted 5 Arab Armies and was alive.

Perhaps the greatest decision of the young Israeli government was the enactment of the Law of Return.  That Law meant that every Jew could immigrate from anywhere in the whole world to the State of Israel.  What nobody expected happened.  Israel literally tripled in size in a matter of a few years.  By 1952, Israel grew from 600,000 people to nearly 2 million people.  Food, water, and weapons were the three big problems for the country.  There was a minister who’s main job was to limit and ration the food supply in order to make sure that no starvation ensued.  Emissaries were sent out in order to raise funds via bonds in order to enable the country to purchase whatever leftover weapons from World War II were still available.  Lastly, a national water carrier project was initiated that brought water from Israel’s north down to the southern Negev.

Things were never peaceful for the young country, but slowly and steadily, Israel’s Defense Forces became hardened learning how to fight the sporadic attacks that were a constant thorn in the side of the State.  On the eve of 1967, Israel had never really fought an armored war with tanks.  They had had some skirmishes with jeeps, but no major tank battles.  This would all change in the 6 days of battle. 

Israel was so nervous about the impending Egyptian build up to war, that they took a massive area in Tel-Aviv and began to dig 10,000 graves.  But, what happened in lightning sped was that Israel did not only repel the Arab armies, it tripled it’s own size.  It liberated the holiest sites of the Jewish people.  But most of all, it destroyed the idea of destroying the Jewish State once and for all.  All of this happened in less than one week – definitely a miracle of Biblical proportions.        



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