Congressman Jim Jordan

Congressman “Let’s get it done” Jim Jordan speaks about Israel, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and much more.  Jim Jordan is a truth-fighter.  He spends nearly all of his time working on defending the Republican and Conservative values within the walls of Congress.   Many know him as a staunch defender of Donald Trump’s policies.  

What is not as well known about him is that Congressman Jim Jordan is just as staunch a supporter of the State of Israel.  He is probably the main person who pushed forward the ideas of moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem.  This was a standard campaign pledge for decades – by both Democrats and Republicans.  But in the end, nobody moved on the subject.  Jordan pushed it forward.  President Trump didn’t see a reason to not move forward, and history happened.  

As all of the silly threats fell by the wayside one after another, it became clear that the skies would not fall and actually the Middle East would be a stronger place because of the policy shift on the US Embassy.  There is a connection between the fact that the US moved it’s embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and the recent peace treaties between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.  Once the United States established that they understand that Israel is here for good, it convinced other Arab countries to get with the program.  Speaking about destruction of the State of Israel is already passe for many Arab countries.  They now realize that they have so much more to gain than to lose when it comes to making peace with Israel.

It is due to strong supporters of the State of Israel like Jim Jordan that Israel’s situation continues to improve in the Middle East.  

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