Pete Hegseth is a nationally known Fox News host.  He also  is a staunch supporter of the State of Israel.  His opinions on the Middle East are perfectly encapsulated in this 2 minute shortened version of a fascinating interview with Avi Abelow.  

He makes one critical point about some of the Arab countries deciding to change their colors.  He points out that the Obama deal with Iran actually brought together moderate Arab countries and Israel.  The Arab countries realized how dangerous Iran was becoming and they realized that they, like Israel, have a common enemy.

This is not a new concept.  The Soviet Union was basically an ally of Germany until June 22, 1941.  On that day, Germany invaded the Soviet Union.  This is one of the things that thrust the European War into a full-fledged international World War with more dead and casualties than any other battle in worl history.  Then, the United States and England signed a pact with Stalin and the Soviet Union.  This was in order to fight their joint enemy – the Axis of Germany and Japan.  This pact did not last long after the end of World War II, but it saved the world from utter destruction.  The Arabs also understand that Iran poses an existential threat to them and that Israel is part of the long-term existence in the Middle East.  

Israel today has pacts with Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, and the UAE.  They have all accepted that Israel is here to stay.  Ultimately, this trend will just continue to grow.  Israel’s future is bright.  The Gulf States understand that their very existence relies on a pact with the State of Israel.      

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