Pulse of Israel Warriors

Pulse of Israel Warriors gives the tools to high school and college students to actively use digital media to engage in the online battle to fight WITH the People and the State of Israel.

The battle of words for Israel on campuses across North America is a battle of truth vs. lies and good vs. evil.  

It is a day-in, day-out battle wherein the ideas of the best creative minds must be amplified in order to reach the maximum number of students.

Existing initiatives to fight Jew-hating antisemitism and to “explain” Israel’s position lack:

  • A hopeful, inspiring view of Israel’s future
  • A compelling argument for Zionism today
  • An approach that comes from strength and pride
  • An understanding that at the core of the growing antisemitism today is the palestinian national movement.
  • Practical tools to educate and inspire

At the Pulse of Israel, we are going to change the approach and go on the offensive with young adults from coast to coast.  

Our Pulse of Israel Warriors Project will give the tools, mentorship, and encouragement to high school and college students to spread truth, advocate for Israel, and push back against antisemitism in all its forms.